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The flat surface makes the massage stone close to your skin, deep relax your body, effective massage and warm you muscle, improving blood circulation.
These massage stones can be used for Spa massage and therapy, also you can use it at home. Easy to use, safe and comfortable. It is suitable for the people who are often to use computers and mobile phones.
The scientific research shows that Bian Stone can help stimulating blood flow, relax muscle soreness and release positive energy field.

TYPE : Massage stone

COLOR : Black

SIZE : 0.3 cm (1), 1.5 cm (2), 1.6 cm (1), 1.8 cm (1)



  • Flat black massage rocks set – Perfect to massage your feet, arm or back.
  • Ideal for relaxation -The massage stones kit for your full body relaxing, relief your muscle pain and stress.
  • Health-The essential oil phase auxiliary hot stone, with the deepest massage, promote blood vessels and lymphatic obstruction body parts of the blood circulation, eliminate swelling and reach fitness goal
    Massage stone therapy with heat retention, perfect for spa and salon, home use.
  • Suitable for those who long to use computers, mobile phones or other electromagnetic radiation class equipment. Work fast-paced, nerve long-running tensions person; Poor blood circulation; waist, shoulders and neck stiffness or pain person easily; Mental stress, people need to continue to restore the spirit of relaxation; Often can’t sleep well, listlessness, who need to improve physical energy; Immunocompromised, the need to improve the physical person.


Keep Beauty
Do facial massage with hot stone, the influence of the central nervous system, relieve stress, thereby affecting the endocrine to improve the spots, etc.,

Do the stone massage could help you to get rid of forehead and eye fine wrinkles, eliminate dark circles and black eye, make more ruddy face beautiful.

Body Detox
The use of heat transfer theory, the effect of thermal energy plant oil sebum layer 2-5 cm depth, soften and break down fat tissue, high temperature accelerated body metabolism, promote fat cell lysis, fermentation technology, detoxification, the body in a comfortable warm feelings, showing a perfect curve. Lymphatic drainage with hot stones, this will be very easy to toxins from the body.

Body Slimming
The essential oil phase auxiliary hot stone, with the deepest massage, promote blood vessels and lymphatic obstruction body parts of the blood circulation, eliminate swelling and reach fitness goal.

Basalt stone is real excellent for holding heat for long periods of time and has very low radiation which makes more healthy and beneficial stone for body.


Heated in a hot stone pot by adding pure water, add essential oil, which soaked the hot stone, plug in the power heat about 20 minutes (temperature of the skin according to Person’s carrying capacity, are generally not more than 65 ℃). After removing the stones placed on a clean warm towel.
But The best way heat this stone use Professionals stone heater.




Additional information

Weight17.0 kg

5×6, 6×6, 6×8, 8×8, 9×7, 3×4

FAQ on Beauty SPA Health Massage Energy Stone

can I warm them somewhere else by sides the stone warmer?
Answer:Yes – you can warm them up on the top of our woodstove, but you could also put them in a pot with hot water, in an oven, etc.

Can i use these for facial massages and can i use them for cold messages?
Answer:Yes, You can use them hot or cold.



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