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Needleless Acupuncture – There are no needles involved, so there is no skin piercing. Simply press the pen to the affected areas and it will release an electric pulse to stimulate the meridian and acupuncture points in your body for healing and pain relief.
Alternative Treatment – The Electronic Acupuncture Pen has no side effects, unlike medicated painkillers and other drugs used to treat chronic pain. It is great for treating acute and chronic physical pain caused by arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, sciatica, migraine, sports injuries and muscle, joint and back pains.

TYPE : Electronic Acupuncture Pen



  • (1)Dome type: Applicable for health care and facial beautification
  • (2)Node type: Applicable for partial body pains
  • (3)Spheroidal: Applicable for quickly alleviating pain.No needles Easily focus on pain areas Stress relief and relaxation adjustable intensity controls.

FEATURES: Acupuncture pen probe part is based on the principle of single-phase electricity, and must rely on the body’s own static electricity to make it a loop.If you let other people give you acupuncture, he needs to put his hand on your skin, acupuncture pen will work.If he does not hand on your skin, meridian pen is still working, but you do not feel anything.
SPECIFICATIONS: Fusion of modern high quality massage pen, good for health promotion.Simple operation, easy to carry.Safe and effective, with no side effects.Suitable for family use.

INSTRUCTION FOR USE : Most important thing is one should know about acupoints, the way they work in order to use this device effectively.This product has 9 adjustable intensity controls power. When the controls power is 0, it will flash red for a few seconds and then shut down automatically. If you need to re-use it, just press the button to increase degree up.
Need to know: In order to give you a good experience, please read the instructions carefully after your order is completed.

1.Install 1 x AA battery in the compartment
2.Turn on the device by holding the handle with the tip up and pressing the lower half of the black toggle button.The number 1 should appear on the display.Repeat to increase power up to 9.
3.Put a small amount of contact gel on your inside wrist. (In order to avoid unnecessary troubles during transportation, this product does not contain gel. The role of gel is to lubricate the skin and reduce the discomfort of contact between the machine and the skin. It can be replaced by essential oil, massage cream and lotion. Gel, the same effect)
4.Starting with the device on a medium low setting,firmly press the tip to the wrist.If you do not feel anything at first,slide the tip around the general area until you feel the pulsing sensation.If you still do not feel anything,click the button to a higher setting.
5.If you feel a stinging sensation it is because there is not asolid connection from the tip to your skin.Use more contact gel to fix the problem.(This product contains no gel and can be replaced with your home skincare gel lotion essential oil massage cream)
6.Continue sliding the tip around until you feel a strong pulse.
When the pulse is strong it means you have found an acupoint and you are stimulating it.You may hold the acupointer directly on the point or gently massage the point.


Size: 200x30mm
Package Includes: 1 x Meridian Energy Pen
1 x Ball Type Head
1 x Dome Type Head
2 x Cases of gel (no included)(Lubrication, buyers can use the home oil massage cream emulsion instead of gel, the same effect)
1 x User Manual


Additional information


EN boxed


Two Meridian oil


Does it come with a chart of the body’s therapeutic points to show where to use this accu-laser pen?
Yes, it comes with a user manual that has several charts on where to use the pen.

Can you just use this with out using the gel?
No, it’s not advisable, the gel acts as a conductor, if you don’t have gel, try a moisturizer or if your using it for sore muscles, use a water based analgesic for sore muscles.

How many times do you have to hit the power button to turn it off? 
Turn the speed to zero and it will Power Off after 2 seconds.



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