Scalp Intense Roll-on Hair Growth Solution


Enhances the health of the scalp through concentrated massage

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Scalp Intense Roll-on Hair Growth Serum is medically verified solution to amp up thickness, fullness and overall density of thinning hair to 27% in just 3 Weeks!

The herbal complex works in synergy to stimulate the scalp and roots, as well as awaking blocked follicles to reactivate hair growth to deliver a visible result of increasing the cross-sectional area of each hair strand and diameter

The triple-roller structure allows quicker and fuller serum absorption along with gentle massage of the prone area to intensify the metabolism and health of scalp. Apply twice a day and continuously for denser, thicker & healthier hair.

TYPE : Roll

INGREDIENTS : Platycladus, Licorice and Mulberry root, Wolfberry, Ginseng, Chrysanthemum, Calamus, Mint, Cockeblur.


  • Obvious & Stable Hair Recover
    Increase and thicken in cross-sectional area of each hair strand 14% in just 3 weeks, quick and visible result.
  • Stimulate Root of Hair Herbal complex works in synergy to stimulate the scalp and roots, as well as awaking blocked follicles to reactivate hair growth to deliver a visible.
  • 100% Safe, Non-Toxic Chemical Medically verified & FDA approved, perfect for both men & women.
  • Powerful 3 Roll On Balls Help scalp absorbing sustenance efficiently when keep rolling and evening serum.
  • Effective Improve Scalp and Hair Health Improve thickness, balance of moisture and overall density of thinning hair.
  • Rare Herbal Extract Made of rare and expensive materials of different herbal complex.
  • Anti-aging, Boost Immune System Some study discover that wolfberry inhibits glycation. Ginseng can boost immune system, lower blood sugar and reduce inflammation.
  • Expulsion of Waste & Toxin Platycladus, Licorice and Mulberry root reduces inflammation of scalp, remove waste and toxin.
  • Releases Nerves & Muscles
    Unblocks the tight nerves & muscle are released by slightly massaging.

HOW TO USE : Shake before apply on head, roll evenly ensure the serum is absorbed efficiently.


Moist Serum
Keep moisture skin and scalp for prevent scalp peel off.

Reusable Durable Roll On Bottle
When the serum is exhausted, you can fill self-made serum or lotion after washing it for keep massaging skin.

Weight: 20ml

Additional information

Weight55.0 kg
Dimensions180 × 230 × 50 cm

20ml with 2pcs, 20ml


How much is an appropriate amount and when is the best time to apply? Right after washing when still wet or dry?
After shampooing, dry your hair lightly and apply directly to the scalp. It’s especially effective if you use it before going to bed, and apply it frequently to your scalp.

How long before i see some results?
The timing of the results varies from person to person.
However, it is usually used for about a month per product.

Can it improve hair loss?
It is effective. After two weeks of use, Your hair falls ratio is decrease gradually.

Is this product greasy?
NO,this product is not greasy and light weight.


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