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Achieve brighter pearly whites in the sanctuary of your own home.

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Have continued to evolve with an emphasis on letting you achieve brighter pearly whites in the sanctuary of your own home. By using lower dosages, Your only job is to paint the gel onto each tooth (avoiding the gums) like you’re Picasso. Once applied, most gels dry in a matter of minutes, letting you return to your busy schedule. The epitome of convenience, the compact pens can typically hold over 20 treatments to gradually brighten your smile.
TYPE : Gel
  •  This formula has been perfected to whiten teeth without the use of harmful chemicals. Enjoy a whiter smile without the unnecessary and uncomfortable side effects .
  • Too much peroxide can wear down tooth enamel, making the perfect alternative to gain or maintain a white smile. Unlike many teeth whitening products,This will NOT leave you with tooth sensitivity or pain.
  • Take it with you on-the-go! This pen is 5” in length, making it perfect for a purse, pocket, or anywhere you store your must-haves!
  • Only a few clicks and brushes to a whiter smile! The soft brush tip of this pen allows easy application on and around each tooth, ensuring you never miss a spot. No need for trays, strips, or molds – with this, you simply apply the product and go. No need to set a timer!
How to use: 
1) Clean and dry your teeth.
2) Open the cover. Twist another end of the pen.
3) Brush the gel on to your teeth
4) Do not touch your teeth within 30 seconds to 1 minute
5) Clean your mouth after 30 minutes
OTHER DETAILS : Used to Tooth Staining from Coffee, Wine, Smoking, Foods and Aging.

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FAQ on Teeth Whitening Pen

Does it work right away?
Answer:Technically, yes. One use of this pen will make a difference in the color of your teeth, but it will not be very noticeable. Like with any teeth whitening pen, it takes multiple uses for the best results. You will definitely notice a difference after a week of consistent use.

Does this come in a box?

What does this taste like?

Can you use this product with a professional dental light ? Like to use for a 30min-1 hr treatment?
Answer:Yes, a dental light may be used.

How effective is this product with a led machine?
Answer:Very effective. LED machines can speed up the whitening.

Can I use this at night?
Answer:Yes, this can be used at night.


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