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Say goodbye to dull, lifeless color that fades after a washes

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VIBRANT BOLD COLOR Say goodbye to dull, lifeless color that fades after a washes. Colors all blend into one another creating so many different looks.

  • Easy coloring,quick dry,easy to wash off
  • Professional assistance makes your exercise more professional
    Works on All Hair Colors: It can work on black or any dark hair. You can also blend one color into another to achieve a blended look
    Non-toxic materials: Do not harm to your hair and Skin. Protect your kids from toxic chemicals
    Easily Dye and Clean: This dye cream should color your hair faster, and you can just use water to clean it all with no remains
    Cute and Portable: You can take it with you everywhere and use it anytime with its small package
    Temporary Hair Color: There are 13 colors you can choose to dye your hair.
    Perfect for Everyday use, Festivals, Parties, Stag & Hen, Events, Clubbing, Raves, Halloween, Fancy dress
    The hair cream is great for anyone who loves showing off their individuality without the cost of expensive salons.
  • High quality and natural ingredients, color pen natural plant pigment texture, delicate color, can be used as a hair pen replacement products!

  • 100% brand new and high quality

TYPE : Hair dye

COLOR : 13

SHADES : 1#pink, 2#purple, 3#red, 4#orange, 5#dark purple, 6#blue, 7#gray, 8#gold, 9#wine red, 10#rose red, 11#black, 12#white, 13#green, 14#blue (box), 15#green (box), 16#gray (box), 17#purple (box), 18#gold (box), 19#rose red (box), 20#white (box), 21# (4) colors, 22# (6) colors.


  • 100% natural, non-toxic : Temporary Hair Dye are Non-toxic and environmentally friendly; non-allergenic and water soluble. Use it as often as you like. It will not harm your hair or skin.also great for parties, festivals, cosplay
  • water-soluble, so they are convenient and easily to be washes out with water and shampoo.Instantly dying hair. Good solution for people who likes dying hair with different colors.
  • Product is a one-time hair dye, the general can be maintained for 72 hours, according to a person’s hair is different, the degree of color will be biased, dark hair needs a few more times,then the color will be obvious
  • cover the white hair.


  • Wash and Dry Your Hair: Dry your hair before using the hair color chalk.
  • Repeat Dye: Pick up a small handful of your hair, comb with Hair Dye. The more times you repeat, the more obvious effect you will get.
  • Blow-dry hair: Please drying the hair after you complete dyeing, so that the temporary hair color chalks do not rub off on clothes.


Package includes:

  • 1 Hair Dye Mascara








Additional information


Pink, Purple, Red, Orange, Dark Purple, Blue, Gray, Gold, Wine Red, Rose Red, Black, White, Green, Blue Box, Green Box, Gray Box, Purple Box, Gold Box, Rose Red Box, White Box, 4 colors, 6 colors

FAQ on Temporary Hair Dye Mascara

is this color safe?

My dark blond hair is colored light blond.Will this product cover darker roots?
Answer:it’s a great quick fix. Covers the roots evenly.

Can this be used on children hair? My daughter is 6 years old?
Answer:Yes, you can. Just apply it to hair only.

Does it work on black hair?
Answer:I think you have to use quite a bit to work on dark hair




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