Top 6 Eye shadow Palettes Under $25 To Add In Your Makeup Stash


If you’re on the hunt for the best eye shadow palette, we can help. A good eye shadow palette is an invaluable addition to any makeup bag. A palette offers complete versatility and the opportunity to create endless makeup looks. Whether you like to were neutral shades for a more natural look or a bold pop of color to really stand out, And when you look at a palette with an open mind, the possibility can be endless. you can use the darker colors as a liner, you can use the lighter colors as a brow bone highlighter, all of the colors in a palette really can be used in so many different ways.

Searching the correct eye shadow palette can be a challenge. We look for palettes that give real value for money because palettes can be a bit pricier side, you want to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

To help you narrow it down, check out this list of best eye shadow palettes for every occasion, budget and look.

Types Of Eye Shadow Palettes under $25

40 Colors Makeup Glitter Palette(Waterproof)

This eye shadow palette has High quality ingredients with silky shine color, can last for all day long.With 40 complementary shades, Inspires you to create your own masterpiece . deeply pigmented shades, with five rows of stunning color combos. Feels so light and soft, you can easily create clear and brilliant eye makeup finish
Color evenly, good ductility, no folds, no floating powder.It’s Multi-color rendering comes with three-dimensional, series of shades of color with the natural transition, a distinct level of stereoscopic .

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9 Color Diamond Bright Colorful Eye Shadow

Lustrous hues await you, from vibrant ones to a diamond shine finish and everything in between. Create a natural glowing set of eyes or a dramatic glamour look, from modest to popping. The silky smooth formula ensures a cinch application in no time. This glitter creme set comes in a 9-shades palette housed in a modern container. Take it wherever you go so you can do quick touch-ups anytime, anywhere. Achieve a sophisticated, dazzling coverage that stays in the eyes as long as your look is on. This eye shadow set doesn’t fade or leave creases, even when you wear it all day and night. Add a dash of sparkle on your face and transform your look with this luxurious set of palettes. Get the perfect blend that suits your style using the 9 glittery hues that you can mix and match to create a variety of looks that fit different occasions. This glitter creme eye shadow set is formulated with a non-sticky, quick-drying clear gel base that perfectly complements all skin types and skin tones. A must-have in every girl’s makeup kit.

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Beauty Glazed 15 Ultra Pressed Glitter Eye shadow Palette

The follow-up to the internet-breaking Conspiracy Palette is here: introducing Beauty Glazed Glitter Eye shadow Palette! Inspired by love and passion, the palette includes 15 eclectic shades of royal purples, dainty pinks, and devious dark. Mixing a variety of finishes, the dramatic palette feature Beauty Glazed iconic Glitter, metallic and duo chrome formulas along with a brand new finish that contains blinding pearls for intensely sexy effect. It comes with 15 shades. Glitter Powder Makeup Palette is a great way to literally add some sparkle to your look!

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Double Color Eye Shadow Makeup Palette

Three seconds eye shadow create a variety of different eye makeup effects. This Two-color eye shadow with brush area, and the difference in location can create natural, squat, smoky eye makeup effect. A lot of dipping when the upper bright eye shadow, create a crystal clear natural eye makeup effect. Evenly dipping in the middle bright and dark eye shadow, create a deep eye makeup effect. A lot of dipping when the lower dark eye shadow, create a smoky eye makeup effect. An innovative eye shadow that delivers a long-lasting, high-pigment and velvety finish. Multi-color eye shadow gives you the variance of both satin & metallic finish colors, all in one shadow. A bendable, eye shadow with vivid color payoff.

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Pearle-scent nude Eye shadow Palette

New nude eye shadow palette consists of 9 high pigmented shades from ultra matte to stunning shimmer powder and has everything you need to transfer to your eyelids. Glitter colors for a high shimmering metallic finish that layers effortless on top of matte,adding dreamy and sexy eye makeup looks. Smooth and creamy texture.A variety of changing textures balancing from cool and warm tones.Formulated with healthy ingredient it provides buttery velvety application. Eye Shadow pallet can create bare,everyday basic,fun,passionate and party makeup. Convenient to carry and use making them a must-have for your handbag.

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UCANBE BELLE Molten Rock Heat Eye Shadow Palette

This eye shadow palette is beautiful, easy to use and goes on nicely. It contains Mineral Oil Base Resists Smudging without Stimulating Your Skin, Smooth fine texture with long-lasting glittering factor with a shimmer finish. Give clear and intense makeup effects and make you fascinating and attractive. You can define and highlight eyes with excellent color longevity and seamless blend-ability. This is a popular warm sunset pumpkin color eye shadow palette. Composed of 12 pieces of warm color eye shadow, the overall retro reddish brown,very suitable for autumn and winter. Created three different personality makeup, FEMININE, DANGER, FUN, change your style at will. Easy to create the makeup just like sunset,like autumn leaves, giving a very warm feeling.

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